Welcome to Capone-Auto.com!
Old school hands on craftsmanship and knowledge is what I do best. This is a small privately owned shop with low overhead to provide you with most important (to me) and the hardest to find in shops Ė Quality Control, with no shortcuts! And as mentioned the low overhead allows me to do what I love at a lower than most rates. I do this for my love of cars, not money. I will offer advice to who ever seeks it.

This is a one stop shop for restoration work, street/hot rods, frame on or off, drivers, general body work, rust repair for stickers etc. whatever you need I can do. I will and often do finish what others have started and could not finish for whatever reason. Will do complete to partial jobs.

I like to break the project into categories to help with the understanding of the process and eliminate problems. Bodywork, Painting, suspension, Drive train, electrical, interior and miscellaneous. I like to do a car by 1 category at a time, not jump around like some shops.
You pay for labor only. I donít mark up parts or products, you pay what I pay. I save all receipts in a folder that you get with the car. I photograph the whole process of work so you can see that the work is getting done right. I email the owner pictures everyday that the car is worked on, this is done at night when Iím done working. If you donít have email I use a disposable camera and mail the customer the pictures.

My motto is do it once, do it right, drive it any where anytime. Check out the info link and read about some important things you should know on primers, paints, welding, paint stripping, and doís and doníts.

Will also take parts and parts cars in trade for work, if you have something I want, need, or could use, Iím willing to do work for it. Check out and enjoy the info and pictures of my work.